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Russo Stove Parts

Part #DescriptionRetail
R-061-01569 X 13 Glass only; 1.2 CW;
C-35, 55; CFI & X, WF & C
R-090-0718 9 X 13 Glass and frame$235.00
R-090-1067 9 x13 Frame kit only$129.00
R-061-2492 8.9 x 17.6 LE glass,
W-18 ,20, 25, WI-30, CW-75, C-75
R-001-1769 11.5 x 21.5 Glass assembly, 3GVC$254.00
R-001-0204 11 x 24, Glass only, 2 & 3 GV$221.00
R-061-2437 Glass w/gasket GV30$253.00
R-061-0315 4 x 6 Glass & frame, 1900C, 2C, 3C$107.00
R-071-0183#3 Coal grate, bar style,
C-35, 55; CI55, Late 1 & 2 CW
R-071-1867#3 Half coal grate, front,
CWI, CI-55 inserts
R-071-3018#4 Coal grate, front or rear, CW-75, C-80$187.00
R-071-3019#4 Coal grate, center, CW-75, C-80$187.00
R-071-1868Pivot arm, C-35,55,80; CI-55$94.00
R-DISC1#1 Coal shaker disc, 1CW/OS, 2C$98.00
R-Disc2#2 Coal shaker disc, 2 CW/OS, 3C$135.00
R-DUMPCoal grate dump, 2CW/OS, 3C$72.00
R-001-0450Steel grate, GV30, WF$118.00
R-WOOPL1Wood plate 1 CW/OS$116.00
R-WOOPL2Wood plate, 2 CW/OS$127.00
Part #DescriptionRetail
R-265265 CFM blower with thermodisc,
all coal, WF, 3GV, others
R-LEBALE Blower, for GV30, W-18, 20, 25$332.00
R-IBAX210 CFM insert blower,
for CFI, CFIX, WI-30, CI-55
R-IBA160 CFM insert blower,
for CFI, CFIX, WI-30, CI-55
R-THERMOKITThermodisc for 265 blower and others$61.00
R-001-06424.5 x 9 Standard brick$9.75
R-001-0201Side brick, 2 CWA, 1900 CW$126.00
R-001-0384Front brick, 2 CWA$126.00
R-001-0362Left side brick, 1CWA$126.00
R-001-0363Right side brick, 1CWA$126.00
R-001-0364Left front brick, 1CWA$126.00
R-001-0365Right front brick, 1CWA$126.00
R-001-1837Rear brick spacer, 2CWA$46.00
R-001-2751Front brick retainer, C-35, 80, CI insert$46.00
R-001-2754Front brick retainer, C-55$46.00
R-001-0216Baffle, 2CWA, FI$103.00
R-001-0680Baffle, 1CWA$103.00
R-001-2741Baffle, C-35, 55, 80; CI-55, curved stainless$111.00
R-001-2047Baffle, assembly W-20,25;CW-75$347.00
R-001-2068Baffle By-Pass assembly$112.00

Russo Stove Parts

Part #DescriptionRetail
R-LECATCombustor kit, LE series, W-18,20,25,WI-30$235.00
R-XLECATCombustor kit, GV30C, DEQ$305.00
R-REPLCOMBCombustor, round 5.9 x 3.0 w/gasket$210.00
R-GV30SCATKITCombustor kit w/ gasket GV30S $304.00
R-CATKITCombustor kit Add-a-cat, 3 GVC,WF, CFI, CFIX others$412.00
R-3PORTCATCombustor kit GV30$304.00
R-001-0972Flame shield for cat kit$103.00
R-001-0219-2Hex shaker handle w/coil CW/FI$81.00
R-001-0196Hex shaker handle only, CW/FI$72.00
R-001-1866Shaker handle only, C-35, 55, 80; CWI$32.00
R-001-1939-2Shaker handle assembly, brass, CWI$45.00
R-SHRHDLSMShaker handle, 3/8 small core, 2CW$62.00
R-001-2069LE door handle & latch, cast, W20, 25, 18, C-80,WI-30$46.00
R-001-3002 Pakka wood, LE handle threaded $27.00
R-061-2533 Pakka wood, side door, GV30 $27.00
R-001-2288 Pakka wood, slider knob, LE stoves, W-18,20,25;C-80, WI-30$21.00
R-001-3014 Slider knob, black threaded $11.00
R-071-1869Linkage rod assembly, CWI, C75, CW75, C80$71.00
R-071-1868Pivot arm, C-35,55,80; CI-55$94.00
R-071-0188Pivot arm assembly, 2 CWA/1900$94.00
R-071-0357Pivot arm assembly, 1CWC/1CWA$94.00
R-071-0321Pivot arm assembly, 1900C$94.00
R-071-0187Shaker linkage assembly, 2CWA/1900$67.00
R-070-2746Linkage rod assembly C-35,55$67.00
R-071-0189Shaker linkage, 1CWA/FI$67.00
Part #DescriptionRetail
R-#1 GASKT-KITFor all single door wood stoves and inserts. Includes: 6 ft. of 1/2" low density rope gasket & cement. Fits: W-18, 20, 25; WI-30, CFI, CFIX, 2GV, 3GV, 3GVC$29.00
R-#2 GASKT-KITFor all two door stoves and inserts. Includes 11 ft. of 1/2" low density rope gasket & cement. Fits: Coal; 1CW, 2CW, C-35, 55, 80; CW-75, CI-55, FI Wood; WF Series, GV30(GV30 ash pan needs #3 below)$37.00
R-#3 GASKT-KITFor GV30 ash pan, 9 x 13 glass, Flue collars & covers. Includes 4 ft. of 1/4" low density rope, (no cement)$9.00
R-#77 GASKT-CMNTStove gasket cement, black$6.00
R-001-2069Gasket for glass frame, 2/3 GV$11.00
R-GV30SGASKTGV30S Sight glass gasket$14.00
R-070-2739Ash pan, C-35,55; 1CW/2CW$82.00
R-001-2781Ash pan, C-80$87.00
R-080-0647Nut spring, 5/16 diameter for coal linkage$3.50
R-SCREENSpark screen, 2/3 GV$21.00
R-001-2463Log guard assembly GV30/GV30C$210.00
R-001-1766Log guard assembly, 3GVC$277.00
R-001-1603Flue collar only 6" convert-a-flue$75.00

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